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The Best Blenders of 2022

Phil Johnson
  Jan 21, 2022 3:14 AM

The best kitchen faucets covered in this rating are in demand and have gained many positive reviews. It is not difficult to choose a satisfactory product after you have understood it.

With the desire to help you buy quickly, we recommend a list of some options below corresponding to the five types of kitchen faucets mentioned in this article.

Hopefully, our rating will help you pick the most convenient and suitable air fryer for you. Happy shopping!

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Types Of Blenders

According to their characteristics, blenders come into the following types:

  • Hand Blenders

  • Full-Size Blenders

  • Single-Serve Blenders

  • Specialty Blenders

The information below will help you make the right choice.

Hand Blenders

These models represent a handle to which a hemispherical nozzle is attached. At the end of it, there are knives. 

You can buy this blender with or without a dipping bowl. When purchasing it, it is best to choose models that have additional attachments.

A hand blender like Mueller Austria Ultra-Stick 500 Watt can chop and whip soft products in a puree. It has metal components that can work with hot products and have a long service life. 

Full-Size Blenders

The device of these models includes a base and a bowl or a jug. The principle of operation of this device is as follows: you place food in the bowl, then install it on the base, close it with a lid and turn on the device. 

The Ninja BL610 Professional leads the market in this segment. It is good to prepare various cocktails and mashed soups in it. But, this appliance is not intended for grinding dry food. 

Single-Serve Blenders

It is the latest fashion trend towards proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. The rotating knives at the bottom allow you to prepare puree soup, smoothies, cocktails, and more. 

But the container's lid is so tight that it allows you not just to hide the bowl with food in the refrigerator but to take it with you on the road. It's easy to experience these benefits with Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes.

There are two types to choose from: battery-powered and grid-powered. The first model gives you flexibility and portability but low power. Meanwhile, the second model features more power but requires utility power.

Specialty Blenders

Specialty blenders, also known as industrial blenders, are characterized by large wattage. It is suitable for serving large quantities and for continuous operation in cafes and restaurants.

For example, the WantJoin Professional Blender crushes ice and walnuts with its powerful blade at 2,200W. It turns hard ice cubes into a fine slushy smoothie in just 5 seconds.

Buying Guide

All blenders have different capabilities. To correctly choose a model, you need to take into account the following parameters:

  • power

  • configuration of knives

  • rotation speed of knives

  • working capacity quality

  • bowl volume.

For many users, the brand and appearance of the appliance are decisive. But not always the highest quality models are from world-famous manufacturers.


The power rating determines the capabilities of the blender. The higher this parameter, the longer the device can work without interruption. 

The power of the models varies from 400 to 1500 watts. Ninja BN801 Professional features a power of 1400 watts that can grind soft products, mixing cocktails. 

More powerful ones like Cleanblend Commercial 1800 and COLZER Professional 2200 Watts can grind hard nuts, chocolate, and ice. These are professional blenders that can handle many products of any hardness. 

Knife Configuration

As for durability, the knives are almost the same for all models since they are made of stainless steel. According to the shape on which grinding quality depends, these elements can be straight and curved with additional surfaces.

The number of blades influences the consistency of the final product. The simplest blenders have two blades; the more advanced ones like Elechomes Professional Immersion and LEQEE Personal Mini Blender have four or six stainless steel blades.

The knife block for the budget model comes with detachable components, making it difficult to clean. More expensive blenders have detachable knives, making the clean done with ease.

Rotation Speed Of Knives

The number of revolutions per minute affects the emulsification efficiency. Appliances with a low rotation rate can only grind soft foods. 

We recommend the CasaCosa Professional, with a speed of 48,000 rpm, to have the ability to grind solid ingredients. Using such models to prepare pureed mixtures, cocktails, pates, and ice crushing is possible.

Working Capacity Quality

The manufacturer makes use of various materials to make jugs. But, we recommend using plastic containers. 

For example, the NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z features durable food-grade polycarbonate (1) that does not emit harmful substances and absorb odors. The bowl will not break if dropped, but during use, it will get scratches and scuffs.

Bowl Volume

Manufacturers offer bowls with the following volume:

  • Up to 4 cups: This jug can prepare up to two servings of drinks or three servings of solid ingredients. A 4-cup blender like Chefman Electric is a convenient container for baby food or nutritional drinks for athletes.

  • 4 - 8 cups: A 6-cup bowl from BLAC DECKER PowerCrush is suitable for a small family, where smoothies, pancakes, sauces, and pasta are often prepared.

  • More than 8 cups: The Ninja BL660 Professional with a 9-cup jug can serve large families or for home supplies.

Remember that the working volume and the volume declared by the manufacturer differ from each other. The characteristics indicate the total volume, but you will find the maximum allowable level on the bowl. 

Noise Level Of The Blender

The machines with large wattage but poor quality body material will create loud noises with vibrations. As a result, the machine is unstable and easy to fall.

However, some advanced models come with vibration reduction mode. For example, the Blendtec 825 is the quietest commercial mixer on the market.

Vitamix 36019 Quiet One also impresses with magnets that prevent noise from escaping. Meanwhile, the Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet operates in a noise-canceling plastic box.

How To Test

So, after having tested various devices in terms of configuration, we summarize the process as follows.

When checking the quality of work, we tested the main nozzle and the whisk.

We checked the ease of use and paid attention to control, grip, attachments, wire length, noise level, and safety (2).

If you want to evaluate your blender for yourself at home, you can follow these three tests:

Test Number 1:

We took ¼ part potatoes, and ¾ part broccoli, added a little broth, and chopped the ingredients right on the Vitamix Explorian. The working time lasts no more than 40 seconds.

Test Number 2:

We added frozen strawberries and milk into the Hamilton Beach 58148A Blender to Puree. Blend the mass in 1 minute.

Evaluation criteria in tests No. 1 and 2 are homogeneity, airiness, and smoothness of the mass.

Test Number 3:

We beat the cooled egg white with a pinch of salt by using a whisk attachment. The running time is exactly 20 seconds.

Evaluation criteria in test No. 3 are protein homogeneity. So, the Auxcuiso Stick Blender makes a uniform mass without division into foam and liquid.

You can see more tests here:

Frequently Ask Questions

Read some questions about using and maintaining the blender. We hope the five answers below will be helpful to you.

What Can You Do With A Blender?

The main function of the blender is to grind the following products:

  • Nuts: to make homemade peanut butter.

  • Cereals and cereals: to make bread crumbs, grind cookies

  • Sugar: to make powdered sugar

  • Fresh or frozen fruits: to make a smoothie, ice cream, sauce

An all-in-one appliance like the Braun 4-in-1 Immersion lets you whisk, mix, mash, and chop quickly with perfect smoothness.

Eight creative and delicious things you can do in a blender:

  • Pancakes and waffles

  • Sauces

  • Soups

  • Seasonings

  • Fast loaves

  • Protein shakes

  • Peanut butter

  • Milkshakes

Which Is Better: A Blender Or Chopper?

The peculiarity of cutting distinguishes the blender and the chopper.

In the first device, the cut food is thinner, grinding down to fine crumbs, powder. 

And grinding in the second device can cut products for salads, dishes with sliced sausages, cheeses, vegetables, and fruits. 

You might consider blender and chopper combos like the Ninja 400-Watt Blender & Chopper. Such kitchenware gives you multi-function access while saving kitchen space.

What Can You Grind With A Hand Blender?

The hand blender can smoothly puree anything from apple, broccoli, meat, fish, or cottage cheese. It also includes baby cereals and natural fruit juices-puree.

For example, the KOIOS Powerful 800W 4-in-1 can grind fruits and meats into a homogeneous structure without large pieces and lumps. This handy device also can grind food in a small container.

Do I Need To Add Liquid Into A Blender?

You can, but pay attention to the ratio of liquid to solid. Not enough liquid, and the blender will make some things lumpy. When pouring too much liquid, the blades will not contact solid.

How To Lubricate The Blender?

Lubricate the axle and bearing of the blender attachment. Silicone greases are best suited for lubricating this bearing. The most suitable are SI-180, Steel Glide Silicium SPO-2, Boko, SILICOT, and PMS-200. 

Graphite grease is also good. It is convenient to apply lubricant with a cotton swab. 

The amount of grease does not matter. Anyway, when installing, the axle will squeeze out the excess.

Final Words

All the best blenders covered in this rating are in demand and have gained many positive reviews.

When choosing, consider what functions you need. It's not necessary when overpaying for what you will not use. 

But, a simple unit may not withstand heavy loads. If you want to use it for solid foods, pick a more powerful device. Make a quick purchase with the following top three:

Spend time on careful choosing, and you will get excellent assistance for your kitchen work. Wish you a profitable shopping!

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