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The Best Kitchen Faucets of 2021

Phil Johnson
  Dec 1, 2021 2:21 PM

The best kitchen faucets must meet the requirements of reliability and durability. The models stand out for their beauty and ease of use in the kitchen.

Kitchen faucets play an important role and contribute to making the kitchen more cozy. So, you need to consider carefully with many factors.

The variety of kitchen faucet products on the market can confuse you. If you’re looking for the perfect product, scroll slowly to see the best kitchen faucets.

In this post, Gloria NYC will suggest to you the most outstanding products on the market that are trusted and chosen by many housewives.

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    G-NYC Score

    G-NYC Score is a ranking system developed by our team of experts. It from 0 to 10 are automatically scored by our AI tool based upon the data collected. This score has no relationship or impact from any manufacturer or sales agent websites. Learn more

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    G-NYC Score

    G-NYC Score is a ranking system developed by our team of experts. It from 0 to 10 are automatically scored by our AI tool based upon the data collected. This score has no relationship or impact from any manufacturer or sales agent websites. Learn more

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Types Of Kitchen Faucets

There are two main methods for classifying kitchen faucets (1):

  • The reach of these faucets: Pull-down faucets and pull-out faucets

  • The handles of kitchen faucets: Single-handle, dual-handle, and touchless

Based On The Reach Of These Faucets

Pull-Down Faucets

The pull-down kitchen faucets, like Delta Faucet Leland, are most popular because it's easily accessible. They have a tall neck and long hose, which makes them more versatile than other types.

Besides, the Kohler K-R10651 is more versatile than the one we have already mentioned above. Its hose comes with a spring that allows you to pull it down by a wider margin.

Pull-Out Faucets

With kitchen faucets like the Delta Cassidy Single-Handle, you can pull it outward instead of downward. It is suitable for tight sink spaces.

Based On The Handles Of Kitchen Faucets

Single-Handle Faucets

This simple-structure faucet is easy to use. So, many people choose it. This faucet has a lever that controls the speed of the flow.

The WEWE Single Handle High Arc is a prime example of this type. It has three output water effects controlled by the handle on the right side.

Dual-Handle Faucets

With the faucet with handles on either side, the side can control the water flow and temperature separately. Therefore, you need to check where the temperature switch is to ensure safety during use.

If dual-handle faucets are the apple of your eye, try starting with Moen CA87888 or Moen 7255C. The shiny, highly reflective appearance goes well with any interior style.

Touchless Faucets

In recent years, induction kitchen faucets have become popular thanks to their convenience. Infrared sensor technology (2) allows water to flow out when you automatically put your hand under the faucet.

Not touching objects helps protect you from many infectious diseases. Therefore, the sensor faucet appears as a savior for the current coronavirus pandemic problem.

BioBidet Flow Motion Sensor and Moen 7594EWORB Arbor are solid purchases. They are both useful for kitchen use and bring beauty to your cooking area.

Buying Guide

With the above classification system, making a purchase decision is certainly not easy. However, we can solve everything with the four buying instructions below.


Before making a purchase, you need to consider the location and space to place the kitchen faucets. A suitable gadget will show a good fit against the outline of the sink.

For example, the Delta Faucet Essa can fit in one-hole or three-hole configurations. It comes with an optional deck plate that allows you to switch between the two configurations.


The quality of the material determines the durability of any gadget. We encourage you to stay away from plastic faucets, as they are easily damaged, costly in terms of repair time and money.

Brass kitchen faucets like the ODBO Modern Single Handle or stainless steel ones like Kraus KPF-2631SFS are wise choices. Treated metal material prolongs the life of the item.


When choosing a household appliance, you need to think about its function and its aesthetics. That concern would include the style and color of the kitchen faucet. It would help if you considered whether it is suitable for your kitchen interior.

Today, there are thousands of options around the world. Therefore, we believe that you will find a style that you like. Here we would like to recommend the Kraus KPF-1610SS because its shiny stainless steel color matches any interior.


A faucet does one thing, which is to make the water flow out. Others make you more satisfied with many extra features.

For example, the KOHLER K-72218-VS adds a no-touch feature. It allows water to flow out with just a wave in front of the infrared eyes.

Another notable feature is the sprayer that comes with the main faucet. This side faucet stands separately on the side of the main faucet, and it does several tasks that the main faucet cannot. Moen 7735SRS is a worthy investment when it comes to providing this benefit.

A kitchen faucet system that comes with a soap dispenser is a convenient idea. You will find this great design when you decide to buy the Kingston KB821K1.

In short, the purchase depends on many criteria. The financial factors play the most important role. The more you spend, the more benefits you will get. Make a list of what you want and consider your budget before you decide.

How To Test

We then evaluate the convenience of use considering the height and reach of the faucet. We asked several people of different heights to use the Dual-Handle GOWIN 8 Inch 2 and Single-Handle Sus304 faucet sets to experience the different features between the two faucets.

For non-touch faucets, we test the sensitivity of the sensor system. High-quality faucets like the Moen 7594EWSRS will work with the first wave, while low-quality faucets will require a lot of waving.

Frequently Ask Questions

The five questions below are the most concerning when people consider a kitchen faucet. We hope the answers will be helpful to you.

Can I Install The Center Set Faucets?

You can install the center set faucets to a three-hole surface. One hole is designed for the main faucet, while two holes on the sides are for two handles.

The Kingston KS1271AXBS will help you better understand how to install it. In this case, the two handles both connect to the main faucet into a complete unit.

What Do I Need To Keep In Mind When Making A Purchase?

There are no standards in this procurement mission. You need to decide on what you need, instead of spending money on things you never use.

Please take a close look at our shopping guide to determine which is right for your needs.

Is There A Battery Installed In Touchless Faucets?

The touchless faucet requires a built-in battery to activate the infrared sensor system. Normally, these batteries can last from 1.5 to 2 years before replacement.

Many no-touch options come with one handle high arc for you to use the faucet in case the battery system fails or runs out. The Moen 7864EWSRS Wave Sensor will provide you with this feature.

How To Replace The Faucet In The Kitchen?

Of course, replacing a kitchen faucet requires dismantling the old faucet. To do this, you need to: First, disconnect the old hoses from the cold and hot water pipes with your hands or an open-end wrench. 

Do not forget to put a basin under them, then wipe the inside of the pipe. Then, using a tubular wrench, you need to unscrew the clamping nut on the stud or two studs, which attaches the faucet to the sink.

See how to replace a kitchen faucet in 30 minutes here:

Final Words

The best kitchen faucets covered in this rating are in demand and have gained many positive reviews. It is not difficult to choose a satisfactory product after you have understood it.

With the desire to help you buy quickly, we recommend a list of 5 options below corresponding to the five types of kitchen faucets mentioned in this article.

Hopefully, our rating will help you pick the most convenient and suitable air fryer for you. Happy shopping!

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